Limited time promotion

For a limited time all new and existing clients will be entered into a drawing for FREE tickets for Disney's Very Mary Christmas party. For those who are not able to attend or do not wish to attend a Disney party will have the option for free tickets to a location of your choice within the U.S. With Blue Berg Media we make sure your taken care of in more ways than one.

Throughout the year we will be offering client exclusive sweepstakes, deals, and so much more while insuring your business is taken care of though our robust team. As part of our services we offer you monthly updates with how businesses in your area are doing as a whole along with businesses with us collectively (without breaking confidentiality) so you know how your doing in comparison. At Blue Berg we want to insure you get the best service possible and we offer this monthly update service as an addition to our 24/7 analytics that comes with our social media service.