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We differ from the competition by adding additional value with no extra cost to you. We provide you a monthly email about how businesses are doing in your area along with those who are a client with us, without breaking confidentiality, so you know exactly what kind of value you’re getting. In addition, we provide you with an annual report about us to show you everything about us. In addition each month 10% of our monthly gross income is placed in a savings account for anyone who is in need of some extra cash within the community.
Our pricing for our complete package is $1,800 per month with a 1 time $200 sign-up fee but if you want or need a custom package we adjust our pricing to meet your business needs.

With our complete package you get the full benefits of having:
* A dedicated account manager
* A Social Media Specialist to work with your social media accounts to grow your business and run your Marketing campaigns
* 24/7 Analytics
* Social Ordering
* Social Deals
* Social Sweepstakes
* Review Alerts
* Branded Mobile App
* Website

At Blue Berg Marketing we don't believe in locking you into a contract. That's why we only have signed agreements that can be canceled at any time.
With all of our agreements you can cancel at any time however you must provide a minimum of a 14-day notice of the cancellation other wise you may be charged for an additional month.