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Located in Central Florida we at Blue Berg Marketing will take your Social Media to the next level. We spend quality time getting to know you, your brand, and your story so we know exactly how your brand should grow in the world of Social Media.

We commit our selves to the highest form of honesty and accountability in everything we do. Every day we strive to achieve the highest satisfaction rating with positive returns on investments for our clients. To achieve this goal we stick to our values:​

1: Always work to save our clients time and money while seeing positive returns of their investments with us.
We will always work to provide the highest quality work in a timely manor so you have more time to focus on your business and family. We will always work to provide the most services possible at a reasonable rate.​

2: Always treat our clients fairly and professionally.
We view our clients as investors. Always serving our clients at the highest professional level while acting in good faith in their best interest by staying up to date in a ever changing world of social media and technology. ​

3: Never set unreasonable client expectations

We work with our clients to set reasonable expectations for our service while never making unreasonable promises to our clients. We will give honest feedback about what type of results that can be expected in everything we do.

4: Always keep you in the loop with the latest updates

We provide monthly news letters to our clients which outlines how were doing along with businesses in their area and with us collectively. We provide this because you deserve to know how were doing and no matter where your located you how your doing compared to other businesses.

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